Decided to fire up my 30 day free trial to watch season 4 of Better call Saul, which was not as good as the previous seasons imo, I think I might start paying for it though. $12 a month, only never bothered before as it is metered traffic on internode as opposed to free for Netflix.
There is heaps of content especially when I am running low on Netflix content with watching. They seem to all be in bloody English for a start, sick of starting a show to find it in dubbed English over German or plain old polish with subtitles.. I think I spend 15 minutes just trying to find something to watch now.

Quite a lot of adult content, 'Smilf' kills Netflixes 'sex education' comedy (which I am yet to suffer through entirely), breaking bad is on my list to watch again,

Looks like they have pretty much all of the Marvel content if that interests you, must be a hundred Disney's if not.

So many series going back to old stuff, seinfeldt, friends, Lost, scrubs etc, a bunch of aussie stuff, all 6 series of underbelly, molly, etc.. Deadwood! cocksuckers

Still to explore the movie section, got to watch the new robocop finally.

Anyway, it's worth a look, will post anything awesome I find.

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