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Thread: F1 2018 CodeMasters.PS4.

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    Default F1 2018 CodeMasters.PS4.

    F1 2018 Formula One Codemasters PS4

    Well we don't have a thread on this game so I thought I'd kick one off.Anyone playing it ?
    This F1 game title is not to shabby at all.
    I've only had a few hours playing the game in career mode,( haven't tried online yet) but I have to say it's a really enjoyable game.

    Sure it's no full spec racing sim with all the hardcore physics, but with that said it still is a good entry level sim F1 game.

    The biggest let down from CodeMasters I think is no integration of VR in this years title, which should be a given now in this era, but not to be.
    The Ui menu is still pretty crappy and not the most intuitive out there.
    The peoples graphic movements are all repetitive which breaks the immersion somewhat.

    Video graphics are nice sharp and polished on the Pro.
    Sound is pretty solid.Obviously it's not screaming like real life, and the hybrids are a little quieter as well in 2018.
    UDP live telemetry works pretty well running RS Dash to a ipad with a few millsecs of lag, that I could have probably tweaked around with the Freq. to get rid of the minute lag but it is pretty solid all the same.
    Car Response is better than last years.
    Wheel Forced Feed Back is also better than last years Rumble strips, bumps in the track etc also not bad, I have mine set quite low and it's not bad, (it's a nice change from GTSport who's FFB is absolute shite.)
    AI is very aggressive if set high, and you can set it how you like it, it seems to work well so far.

    If your into F1 racing, and sim racing in general it's worth a buy I think, it's not a must buy , but at $59 for the Headline Edition title at Jb its definitely worth a wish list from Santa under your tree this Christmas.

    I'll also take this opportunity to wish you guys/gals at AUF a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you all in the New Year.

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    I was going to pick this up but I had a choice between this and Ride 3, since I have already got into GT Sport for four wheel action I chose Ride 3 because of bikes ha ha.

    It is great though that there are so many great racing games out there again.

    I heard online for F1 is pretty good in Europe, not sure of our neck of the woods though.

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