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    So its about that time of year when we can start to get pretty hyped for the upcoming Battlefield installment. There has been lots of speculation thrown around about reveal dates but DICE looks like they've finally put it to bed.

    May 23rd 2018 should be when we get our first look at what the next Battlefield title holds for us.

    After that, we should get a proper trailer and/or actual footage of it from people having hands on at either EA Play event or E3.

    All I know so far is that apparently the DICE team gave considered BC2 through to BF1 all fairly similar and that BF 2018 will break the mould be quite a different experience. Whether good or bad, only time will tell..

    The eight maps that the game will ship with:

    Norway: Narvik, Fjell 262

    Netherlands: Rotterdam, Devastation

    North Africa: Hamada, Aerodrome

    Northern France: Twisted Steel, Arras
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