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    Warframe is a free-to-play co-op Third person action game (wow) created by Digital Extremes. You play as Tenno who are warriors with blades and guns who utilise warframe armour. They were involved in a war long ago but weren't needed anymore so they were put in cryosleep. Now a new enemy, The Grineer, threatens the galaxy and is vastly spreading with their armies. You must now control the different warframes to destroy the Grineer threat and keep the galaxy safe.

    You also fight the Corpus, who seek lost technology to build stronger and newer weapons to combat the Tenno and if necessary, the Grineer.

    There are 13 different types of Tenno/Warframes who all have different abilities and specialties. You can level them up, upgrade them and swap to other Warframes when you want a change or embark on a different mission.

    You can also level up your weapons and if you do, the stats for that weapon carry over to all other Warframes. Example, you have a level 4 warframe with a level 2 rifle. If you switch to a new Warframe, you can still use the rifle even though it is level 2 which will save you having to level it up with your character.

    Looks pretty fucking sick. If it's still free-to-play on PS4, i'll sink lots of time into this.
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