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Thread: An introduction to AUF (START HERE!)

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    Default An introduction to AUF (START HERE!)

    Firstly, welcome to AUF!

    Before you get posting, blogging, PM'ing, handing out rep, etc, etc please take some time to read the following introduction and vital info from clan leaders Snickersma, AStiffBreeze, Chiips & MannequinScreams

    What is AUF all about?

    This website is the official home for the Australian Forces clan, or AUF for short. AUF is made up of Australian and NZ based gamers. Our goal is to foster enjoyable online games by creating an extensive "friends list" of Aussie based gamers for you to play alongside. We aim to provide an easily accessible and fun forum environment for all our members regardless of rank, skill, experience or ability, there are no big egos or elitists here and, quite frankly, they're not welcome.

    AUF is a social gaming clan and eschews competitive play. We'll happily organise intra-clan tourneys and inter-clan friendlies, but we'll never take part in organised competitions (i.e. ladders) as a clan. We've tried over the years to operate as both a social and competitive clan and have always failed; we have therefore decided to concentrate on our roots - social gaming - and have been incredibly successful as a result.

    The clan and the website began as a means for a bunch of Aussie PS3 Call of Duty 4 players to overcome the limitations of the COD4 lobby system for online games. The site was designed with a view to enabling its members to better communicate and organise teams, swap PSN id’s and participate in inner clan rosters and clan challenges.

    From a humble start we've gone from strength to strength and always with the intention that our members get to play online games with those you come to know through using our forums on a regular basis, which in turn helps reduce the number of times you land in international game servers!

    AUF caters best for members who just want a relaxed social gaming environment, and a great bunch of people to chat to.

    How AUF was born:

    The AUF tag itself started as a thread on the website in early to mid 2007 where some AUF tagged teams in GRAW2 and COD4 were nominated. The clan began to steadily grow, but once AUF left the confines of to develop our own online presence, membership sky-rocketed.

    We currently have an AUF Leadership Squad made up of clan leaders and mods. These are the guys who keep things working and will also make sure the site is being used in an appropriate manner by all our members.

    Clan Leadership Structure:

    Clan Leaders
    • Snickersma
    • AStiffBreeze
    • MannequinScreams
    • Chiips

    Site Moderators
    • SmilingMonkey
    • Locoevo
    • RayTraced
    • mudman05

    Membership Categories:
    • AUF Full Member - A member who is active, has gone through the trial process and is a made man @ AUF!!!
    • AUF (Trial) Member – A member who wants to become a Full Member must first ask to go into this group and then be subsequently accepted by clan administration after 30 days registered time + minimum 50 posts.
    • Registered Member – Basically anyone who signs up, some go on to be trial/full members. Others decide not to join AUF.
    • AUF Friend - In addition we have some former members and friends from other clans who have their own usergroup status.

    And you can check the following link for all AUF members by user group, provided automatically via the magic of VBulletin:

    Clan Tag:

    AUF FULL members use the tag [AUF]
    AUF TRIAL members use the tag [auf]
    As an AUF member you are expected to wear the clan tags at all times, and display them with pride!

    Becoming a FULL Member

    All new Australian Forces registrants receive access to a set of public forums. Full Members are granted access to additional private "clan only" sections.

    How To Guide:


    We ask that you register your PSN ID as your "Username" here.


    Post a brief intro about yourself HERE

    If you have any questions, we have a special thread HERE where you can ask anything you like. Don't be shy, AUFers are a very friendly and helpful bunch. Don't forget to mention that you've read this thread!


    Once you have registered, familiarised yourself with the forum, read through the code of ethics below, and figured out we're the best clan in world, you can request to become a TRIAL member. To do this simply post a message HERE

    *** Once your request has been accepted, your name will be added to the official AUF list found HERE. Feel free to use this list to spam friend requests to fellow AUFers!!! It is recommended that new members send friend requests to existing members, instead of asking "to be added".

    To be elevated to FULL membership, you need to have made 50 posts and stay active on the forum for 30 days. Pretty easy!


    Once you reach 50 posts and 30days on site, you need to flag it to Admin that you've fulfilled all criteria. If its all sweet we’ll promote you to AUF FULL MEMBER status!!! If there is some kind of issue we’ll PM you to discuss further.


    Well done, if you have competed all the steps you're now a fully paid up member of AUF, sweet!

    The benefits of this are full site access to all sections, the opportunity to participate in social or official teams (as opportunities arise), and the cherry on the cake, you get to wear the [AUF] tag online with pride. You also can request an Ads taken from the Official AUF Forum Apps.

    CLAN Forum Apps

    AUF Forums iOS App -

    AUF Forums Android App -

    Clan Merchandise Store -

    Maintaining your AUF Membership

    We are a fairly easy going clan, however we do appreciate if you can maintain at least some (or preferably daily!) activity on these forums.
    From time to time, we will need to tidy up our Member List if you fail to meet the following criteria:

    As a TRIAL member, you will be demoted to "Registered User" if you have been inactive on the forums for 6 months
    As a FULL member, you will be demoted to "AUF Friend" if you have been inactive on the forums for 2 years

    If you feel you may have been wrongly stripped of your membership, please forward a PM to Admin.
    Returning members may need to re-trial again at Admin discretion.

    AUF Code of Ethics:

    AUF lives by a code of ethics. Please read the following and if you think you cannot abide by this code, then you will need to look elsewhere for a clan that better suits your outlook.

    1. Wear the AUF tag with pride. Behave with consideration and respect for all other gamers from all clans and countries while you are wearing the AUF tag.
    2. Do not cheat, glitch, deliberately team kill, or otherwise bring the AUF name into disrepute.
    3. Conduct yourself in a mature and responsible fashion in all online discussion forums. We will not accept any behaviour that can be interpreted as racist or threatening.
    4. Any posts on these discussion boards that are considered "unreasonable" on a case-by-case basis by the admin team (leaders and mods) will be dealt with as seen fit. Please note, that posts that can be categorised as flaming, trolling or just downright unnecessary will be given a site infraction. Multiple infractions by AUF members will result in a loss of access to the private boards. Continued infractions will lead to the member(s) involved being removed from the clan and banned from the site. Non-AUF members who earn multiple infractions will be banned from accessing the site.
    5. While we have many extremely skilled players in our ranks, we are not "elitist". Elitism, egotistical behaviour and condescension towards others will not be tolerated.
    6. Have fun, but remember that you are an ambassador for many others when wearing your AUF tag. Your actions online reflect the entire clan. Do not approach members of other clans and ask them to join AUF. Membership to the clan is available to whoever wishes to join, however we do not condone "poaching".

    What this website is NOT ABOUT!

    Any money gained from the site will be put back into the site for games/prizes etc for the members and for administrative costs of domains etc and site upgrades – donations to this fund are welcome and there is a section for that in the Main Index. If this site grows to the extent that Moderators and Admin can/should be paid for their services then that will be considered.

    Membership to this site and status as a member of the AUF clan site is for anyone of any age and level of gaming experience. We are a social clan and do not actively promote competition. However from time to time, friendlies against other clans or intra-clan tourneys may be organised.

    However we have a heavy PLAYSTATION membership quota, but don't let that stop you joining if Wii Fit is your thing!

    It goes without saying that ANY abuse and unacceptable behaviour by AUF game team members and members of OTHER clans WILL lead to banning. The right to ban is reserved to ADMINS only. Please go and re-read our code of ethics above just so you fully understand our position.


    OK thats all the dull but necessary stuff out of the way. Go check out the forums and enjoy life as part of Australia's most awesome gaming community and clan.

    PS. Adding heaps of AUF to your PSN list is a sure way to make friends fast!
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