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25-12-2010, 08:13 AM

So I was a bit bored last night, and was thinking about my post about the ideal game. The one with mud and rain, and shrapnel and so on and so forth, and i thought, what do you need to make a good map, for a game. So in ranger fashion i pulled out a pencil and drew one of my own. I'll scan and upload it later cos its in pencil and its christmas morning. thought we might be able to unleash our creative sides and all design a map/level for a game. It doesn't matter what style or genre you want, just a map or lvl that you would like to see implemented in a game. I'll upload mine when i get home. Cheers everyone and have a great christmas. :biggrin2:

25-12-2010, 04:40 PM
So no takers hey, maybe its not busy cos its christmas, maybe cos this thread is fail, but here is my addition anyhow.
oh and btw im in no way artistic, and it probably looks way better in my imagination.
So the idea behind this map is the bfbc2 idea of rush, but incorparating capture the flag, and king of the hill all in one.
Basically as an attacker you start in the airfield at the bottom, and over the next hour or so you must successfully capture the ricefields in the east. The farm up on the highlands, the viet jungle north again, and finally the train station which is currently in the hands of the enemy. I imagine 4 squads of 6 (24) in an open map so any position can be taken first. However in my idea of a game is that if you stray too far from your squad (75/100m) you get paid less (Army Wages) for insubordination, and to a greater extent a court marshal by the military police who will strip you of your rank, and equipment. In saying that a command can be given to 2 of your squad to flank an enemy, but the must work together.

As a defender you must use your knowlede of the area to gain the upper hand. Snipers, trenches, foxholes, and other natural features to fight off the invading force untill the train comes through and supplies from the ricefields (which need to be protected on there journey from the ricefields to the station) are taken to the local militia.

In this map the attackers will hold two tanks, and one jeep. the defenders will hold one mobile anti-vehicle gun, as well as an ex-chinese tank. both attackers and defenders have a helicopter each. Anti personel only.

oh and the station is able to be attacked until all of the other objectives are secure.


25-12-2010, 09:30 PM
You and your ideas are so full of good things.

I thought this was going to be a thread about an email protocol BUT NO!

+1 awesome points for thread
+3 awesome points for map
+rep because awesome points don't exist.


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Awesome Points is the official legal tender name for Sexual Favours in the admin loop.

'Round the watercooler you may have heard such phrases as 'I'll give you 10 Awesome Points if you change dickhead's name to something mean'.

26-12-2010, 03:35 PM
That's a great map ....if far cry2 can allow us to make and upload maps why won't other companies I guess it's because of dlc revenue , that's a pretty good map and believe it or not it reminds me in parts to a SVER MAG map.....I do however find the "peep" hole a bit disturbing as awesome points

26-12-2010, 04:14 PM
Thanks guys, for the awesome points and what not. I'd like to see others have a crack. It doesn't have to be of the fps variety either. If you have a good castle/citadel design. Village layout, spaceship design. anything you can think of that shows your creative side, chuck it on here. Even just plain game ideas.

26-12-2010, 06:01 PM
I made a doom map back in the day that was loads of fun.

Was a big circle with a smaller inner circle that you couldnt see through but could walk through. With a few health and armor pickups around the edge with some lesser weapons scatter and a rocket launcher and mega health in the center "room".
Made for very hectic fast paced games as you would see brief glimpses of guys around the edge and could hear them picking up stuff from the middle.

Simple but it worked really well.